LAGARES washbasin models start a design line based on the horizontal features and the flatness of objects. LAGARES washbasins are manufactured with a solid surface material, which is the result of combining ultraresistant acrylics with natural minerals. 
Also, LAGARES washbasin models can be manufactured with different materials such as wood, steal or iron. 

These designs offer not only formal and functional beauty and simplicity but also important technical features: 
- Linear water outlets which do not require a plug.
- The material allows a continuous surface without any joints which facilitates hygiene. 
- Very easy installation. Just attach the squares of stainless steel which go with the pieces , fix the washbasin to the squares and connect the water supply and the outlet. 

This washbasin can be used not only for domestic use but also for public use thanks to its resistance to wear and ease of cleaning. It is important to mention that several washbasins can be joined one next to another with hardly noticeable joints.

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