LAGARES PRODUCCIONS DE DISSENY S.L. has over 90 years’ experience. Born in 1918 as a carpentry, different transformations have made us develop into what we are nowadays, a company which for over twenty years has specialized in the manipulation of solid surface materials, a fact which has made us one of the leading companies in the manipulation and transformation of these materials, among which Corian stands out because of its great performance, its adaptability for different purposes as well as its resistance to wearing. These features place this material in direct competition with materials such as porcelain or stainless steel.

Our background has taken us to a current time in the enlargement of our premises in Olot, both in terms of our working area and in the use of leading technologies forecast an amazing and rewarding future for our company.

At LAGARES thorough care is taken of every detail in our products, and this reason has consolidated our brand as a leading company to be taken as a major reference in a new water culture. The design of our products is backed by many well-known architectural companies among which RCR- ARQUITECTES is one of the most outstanding references in current architectural work and design..

At LAGARES we care for the environment and for this reason we try to reduce as much as possible any harmful effects on the environment due to our working methods and production waste. We also have a policy of quality work and so our products are designed and manufactured under thorough quality controls in order to offer our most demanding customers the best products in the market.