LAGARES sanitary products are manufactured with Corian. This material is a malleable compound of ultraresistant acrylics mixed with natural minerals. It is also a solid material with a homogeneous, hard, long-lasting , non-porous surface which does not absorb either liquids or smells which guarantees total hygiene. Thanks to these physical features of the material, our products resist the daily routine use without losing their first day appearance.

All our sanitary models hardly need any maintenance in order to keep the aspect as good as on the first day. The common cleaning products used at home are suitable for the maintenance of our products since their non-porous surface prevents mould and germs from living there.

In order to remove the most difficult stains as well as possible burns, apply a slightly abrasive cleaning product with a “Scotchbrite”-type sponge. Slight hits do not damage the material, but it is recommended to avoid using sharp objects as well as cutting directly on the surface of the material.

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