Rafael Aranda, Carmen Pigem and Ramon Vilalta finished their university degrees at the Technical School of Architecture of El Valles in 1987 and since 1988 they have been working together as RCR – ARQUITECTES in their hometown , Olot. They have been working as consultant arquitects for the National Park in the Volcanic Area of La Garrotxa since 1989 and they have also taugh Proyect, Town Planing and Landscape Architecture at ESTAV and ESTAB.

Their company has been awarded at several national and international contest, ranging those awards from the Lighthouse in Punta Aldea in 1988 to the most recent ones such as the Crematorium in Hofheide, Belgium, and Meditel new headquarters in Casablanca. The company works have often been short-listed and two of its most outstanding projects “Spaces of Leisure and Culture” in Riudaura, and “Athletics Stadium Tussols-Brasil” in Olot have been awarded the European Union Mies Van der Rohe’s award. The company has also been given five FAD awards, the Ex-aequo award and the IV European Landscape Award Sora Barba for “Pedra Tosca Park” in Les Preses, and recently the National Culture Award in Arquitecture 2005 awarded by La Generalitat de Catalunya.

This company has taken part in many international exhibitions among which should be mentioned the III International Exhibition of Architecture in 1990 in Paris; the XVIII UIA Congress in Chicago in 1993; the Biennal of Venice in 2000, 2002 and 2006; the “New trends in Architecture in Europe and Asia-Pacific 2004-2005” in 2004; and “Eurasia Extreme Expo Aichi” in Japan and Madrid in 2005 and 2006. The architects in this company have also had individual exhibitions known as “Works 1988-1998 held in Tokyo under the Title “Exfoliacions” and in Brelefed, Germany as “RCR Arquitectes”. Finally they have also taken part in “On-Site: New Architecture in Spain”, both in New York and Madrid.

Also known as authors of essays and articles about Architecture and Landscape, they have published important books such as “Enquadraments” and “Destellos” among others. Furthermore, these authors have carried out several lectures in different Spain cities as well as abroad, and their work has been widely published both in specialized and non-specialized books and magazines among which it is worth mentioning the monographs “El Croquis nº 115-116 (III)” and “CRC Aranda Pigem Vilalta Arquitectes” together with the book “Entre la abstracción y la Naturaleza” by GG.